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Ream’s Meat Market – Offering an Array of Deli and Prepared Options

Ream’s Meat Market has long remained an Elburn landmark in its own right. Known for consistently high quality fresh meats, folks detour all the way to Elburn with the sole purpose of visiting Ream’s.

What could be said about Ream’s that has not already been said? I asked owner, Janelle Ream, to help me identify some of the offerings that customers perhaps may not be as familiar with.

It quickly became clear that I had been missing out on one of the best prepared food destinations that Elburn has to offer.

Who among us has not been in the car on the way home from work, rapidly approaching “hangry” status, only to realize that we failed to plan dinner. (Extra point for each child in tow that  you are also responsible for feeding.) Let’s talk strategy for the next time this situation arises.

Some of the prepared items Ream’s has readily available any night of the week include pulled pork, smoked brisket and Italian beef. So clearly, you will not be lacking for entree options. Still need a side dish? Ream’s boasts an impressive collection of homemade sides guaranteed to suite the preferences of the pickiest eaters. Twice baked potatoes, macaroni and cheese, split pea soup, potato salad, cheesy pea salad and roasted potatoes are just a few.

Maybe you’ve begun to avoid carbs at all costs? Ream’s has both steak and chicken kabobs as well as roughly 10 varieties of stuffed chicken breast – many of which are made without bread stuffing. I would also recommend seeking out the homemade ham salad and chicken salad sold in the Deli.

Speaking of the Deli…Many customers are not aware that all of the meats sold in the Deli are homemade! (With the notable exception of head cheese.) As a frugal shopper, I feel like it is worth noting that Ream’s prices are more than comparable to the “sale” prices offered by local grocers. As for the quality, there is no competition.

With 3 smokehouses to their name, a large part of the business continues to be Beef Jerky and Snack Sausage of which they have 10-15 varieties – of each – at any given time! And then there is the Beef Jerky Dip. This dip has a cult following and a cooler in the shop dedicated to its wonderment. Nothing more needs to be said.  

In late fall of 2017, Ream’s also began offering catering services. The catering menu can be found on their website, where they have published information on all of their products. Longtime Chamber members, Ream’s Meat Market recently catered the Elburn Chamber of Commerce Member Recognition Dinner with a buffet that included Italian beef, mostaccioli, salad and meat and cheese platters. Definitely something to keep in mind as graduation party season quickly approaches.



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