Elburn Days Craft Show Application and Agreement

Please fill out the form below with your business information for us to maintain the accuracy of our membership directory.

Please mail  your calculated payment to: Elburn Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 305, Elburn, IL 60119.

Click here if you prefer to download the application.


All items must be entirely the work of the exhibitor. Only original work will be accepted. No kits. No manufactured, mass produced or consignment items.


June 28, 2019


All submissions must include a current certificate of insurance with the holder and additional insured listed as: Elburn Lions Community Park, Inc & Elburn Lions Club
500 Filmore St, Elburn, IL 60119


10’ x 10’ This is an outdoor show. Canopies are allowed. Canopies and product may remain in place overnight at the artist’s own risk. Lawn spaces may not be level and artists are
responsible for leveling their displays. Access to electricity is limited.


Fee Schedule Per Each Quantity
First 10’ x 10' Booth Space $115 1
Each Additional 10’ x 10' Booth Space $100
Electricity Access $20
Late Application Fee $30
Total Amount Due n/a
  • Submissions received after July 19, 2019 will not be considered.
  • Notification of acceptance will be emailed within three weeks of receipt of complete submission.
  • Submissions are not complete and will not be reviewed until payment is received in full.
  • Cancellations received prior to July 12, 2019 will be refunded 50% of all fees paid.
    No refunds will be issued after this date.

Applications without photos will be rejected. This includes applications from prior year participants. Photos can be emailed to info@elburn.com or submit photos now.

Please check each box below to confirm you have submitted or will be submitting the required photos.

Three photos of the product Three photos of creation process One photo of overall display


Please call me to collect payment via credit or debit card.I will mail a check payable to Elburn Chamber of Commerce.

If you are mailing in a check please list the check# below for our reference.


I have read and agree to comply with all of the attached rules and regulations regarding participation inthe 2019 Elburn Chamber Elburn Days Craft Fair if I am chosen to participate:

1. I verify that I created and have the right to display all of the work I have applied to exhibit.
2. I will provide a fire extinguisher if my space requires electricity.
3. I will pay a service charge of $30 if my check is returned for any reason, including insufficient funds.
4. I consent to my person, booth and products being photographed and recorded for publicity/promo-tional purposes.
5. APPLICATION’S RELEASE, ASSUMPTION OF RISK, AND AGREEMENT TO INDEMNIFY:If I am chosen to participate in the 2019 Chamber Elburn Days Craft Fair: (a) I, for myself and my per-sonalrepresentatives, executors, administrators, heirs, successors, and assigns, release and dischargethe Elburn Chamber of Commerce, the City of Elburn, Kane County and all sponsors of the 2019 Cham-ber Elburn Days Craft Fair, and each of their parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors,officers,trustees, officials, members, employees, volunteers, agents, attorneys, successors, andassigns, all referred to as ‘releasees’, from all liability for any injury, damages, death, property damage,or other loss based upon, arising out of, or in any way connected with my participation in the 2019Chamber Elburn Days Craft Fair, whether caused by any of the releasees’ negligence or any other actsor omissions; (b) I agree to indemnify each of the releases from any loss, liability, or damages which anyof them may incur based upon, arising out, or in any way connected with any of my acts or omissionsthat relate in any way to the 2019 Chamber Elburn Days Craft Fair; (c) I assume full responsibility for therisk of any injury, damage, death, property damage, or other loss based upon, arising out of, or in anyway connected with my participation in the 2019 Chamber Elburn Days Craft Fair, whether caused byany of the releasees’ negligence or any other acts or omissions; and (d) I agree that the precedingparagraphs 4 (a) through (c) are intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted under Illinois lawand that if any portion of any or all of those paragraphs is held invalid, the balance of them and thisagreement will continue in full force andeffect. I have carefully read this application and agreement, including the release, assumption of risk,and indemnity paragraphs, know the contents, and sign this application and agreement voluntarily. Iagree to assume the risk if the event is canceled for reasons such as weather, terrorism or other Acts ofGod beyond the control of the Chamber and if canceled the fee will not be refunded.

Please upload your current certificate of insurance with the holder and additional insured listed as (Required):

Elburn Lions Community Park, Inc & Elburn Lions Club.
500 Filmore St., Elburn, IL 60119


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